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Contact Info

Institute: Inland Waters
Address: 46,7 km Athens-Sounio, Mavro Lithari, Anavissos, Attiki, GR-19013 Greece
Tel: +302291076393
Telex: +302291076419
Website: http://rivernet.ath.hcmr.gr


Dr. Stamatis Zogaris has extensive experience in fish and wildlife conservation research, aquatic ecosystems monitoring and management, especially in Greece, the Mediterranean countries, and in Canada.
His doctorate thesis, entitled “Contribution to a biotic classification of the rivers of Greece based on ichthyofauna and riparian vegetation”, was completed under the supervision of Prof. Panayotis Dimopoulos (University of Ioannina) and in conjunction with Dr. Alcibiades Economou’s ichthyological group (HCMR). His recent work on river fish and riparian zones is pioneering theoretical and applied approaches for assessment, monitoring and conservation management in Mediterranean rivers and coastal wetlands. Many of his applied initiatives target biological conservation at the species, habitat-type, site, and landscape scale; this includes protected-area management and habitat restoration.

Since the mid-1980’s Stamatis Zogaris has been active in protected-area planning, working closely with many naturalists, throughout Greece. His extensive field work culminated in regional inventories and many successful proposals and management plan studies for protected-areas in Greece. As a free-lance naturalist and researcher he has participated in many national and international projects that have focused on the development of biodiveristy monitoring tools/indices, especially using fish, birds, riparian vegetation indicators and alien species. During his association with HCMR he has participated in over 20 research projects.
Dr. Zogaris is also involved in conservation science training and natural history education. He teaches an undergraduate-level ecology course at College Year in Athens (CYA) and is visiting lecturer at the University of Western Greece within the Inter-University Programme on Sustainable Management of Protected Areas. He has also participated actively in HCMR’s Education Unit since 2002.

Education Profile

• Doctorate, Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, University of Ioannina, Greece, 2009.
• M.Sc., Ecology –Theory and Techniques. Faculty of Science and Engineering, School of Biological Sciences, University of Wales- Bangor, United Kingdom, 2001.
• B.A. Geography (major) and Biological Sciences (minor); Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, 1995.

Professional Profile
• 2002–2011: Geographer-Biologist, Institute of Inland Waters, HCMR, Greece
• 2005-2011: Lecturer, College Year in Athens, International Center for Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies (DIKEMES) (Study Abroad Programme, Athens Campus).
• 1997–2000: Scientific Collaborator -Contractor, Zoological Museum University of Athens, Greece
• 1990-1997: Free-lance collaborator (part-time) with various Natural History NGOs (e.g. Hellenic Ornithological Society, Western Canada Wilderness Committee) and Government Organizations (BC Ministry of Environment, Canadian Wildlife Service).

Scientific and Professional Memberships
• Hellenic Ornithological Society
• Hellenic Zoological Society
• Hellenic Botanical Society
• Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature
• Society of Wetland Scientists
• European Pond Conservation Network
• Hellenic Lagoons Network
• Ellenic Network on Aquatic Invasive Species
• Biodiversity East

Awards and Recognition
• 2010: Freshwater snail Pseudobithynia zogari (Gloer, Fralnioski, Pesic 2010) named in honour of S. Zogaris’ conservation work in Greece (Gloer,P., Fralnioski, A., & V. Pesic. 2010.The Bithynidae of Greece (Gasteropoda: Bithynidae), Journal of Conchology, 40(2):179-187).

Research Interests

Dr. Zogaris’ research interests involve policy-relevant conservation science in inland waters and the coastal zone. Currently he is working on research in the following themes:
• Fish in freshwater conservation biogeography in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean countries;
• Fish as bioindicators to assess ecosystem integrity in lotic and lacustrine aquatic ecosystems in Greece and Cyprus (application of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EE);
• Faunal and habitat survey and monitoring methodology (applications with fish, birds, vegetation, protected-areas);
• Wetland & riparian zone inventory, conservation and restoration (applications in urban wetlands, hydroelectric reservoirs, coastal zone management)
• Alien fish species inventory and research

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