Stasinos Vasileios Chr.

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Position: Assistant Researcher

Contact Info

Institute: Maritime Unit
Address: HCMR, 46.7 km Athens – Sounio ave., P.O. Box 712, P.C.19013, Anavyssos Greece
Tel: +302291076405
Telex: +302291076323


Vasileios Stasinos is HCMR’s submarine – ROV Pilot & Maintenance and a diver. He assumed his duties in February 2003.

• Has participated in search and recovery missions of missing EKAB helicopters, Hellenic Air force Airplane “Mirage 2000” and “CHINOOK”, Hellenic Navy “Sonar” search and recovery.
• Has participated in search missions of “SAMINA” shipwreck, “SEA DIAMOND” shipwreck, “ASSEM” research program, archeological research missions and geological research in Spain with ROV. Also has participated in many other HCMR’s

Education Profile
• Kalymnos divers school, Ministry of Mercantile Marine, 1997
o Scuba diving a three star level
o Diving system argile
o Diving full face masks
o Diving full helmet (AH-3)
o Wreck diving
o Salvage
o Underwater photo and video
o Underwater orientation and compass
o Research methods
o Methods salvage sunken object
o Use submarine hood
o Underwater cutting and welding
o Shipping
o Repetitive diving
o Night dives
o Low visibility diving
o Deep diving
o Diving bell to open
o Harbor works
o Underwater inspection of piers and hull ships
o Sets were cables and pipelines
o Enriched air nitrox
o Mix gas blender
o Inspection and cleaning bottles

• Submarine “THETIS” pilot and maintenance degree, 2004
• ROV pilot&maintenance degree, 2004
• Licence operator high speed, 1997
• Personal servival techniques, 1997
• Fire prevantation and fire fighting, 1997
• Elementary first aid, 1997

Professional Profile
• 1997 – 2003: Diver, Diver’s world, Greece.

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