Salomidi Maria

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Position: Research Assosiate

Contact Info

Institute: Oceanography
Address: HCMR, 46.7 km Athens – Sounio ave., P.O. Box 712, P.C.19013, Anavyssos Greece
Tel: +302291076375
Telex: +302201076347


Dr. Maria Salomidi is a Research Associate at the Institute of Oceanography of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research.

She studied Environmental Sciences at the University of the Aegean, putting an early focus on marine ecology with a B.Sc. thesis on soft–bottom benthic communities of the Strymonikos Gulf (Aegean Sea, E. Mediterranean). In 2002 she was awarded a PhD scholarship from the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research and the University of the Aegean, to study hard-bottom phytobenthic communities as indicators of environmental impacts/quality. She was the first to develop a fast, ecologically sound and non-destructive (photographic) sampling approach for the Rapid Assessment of the Coastal Ecological Status (RACES methodology), especially designed to meet the demands put forward by the European Water Framework Directive (WFD 2000/60).

During her over 12 years hands-on experience working in HCMR, she has participated in numerous National and International Research projects, at all stages of implementation (coordination, organization of field trips, various onboard and underwater samplings, sample preparation and analysis, data processing, technical report writing, result presentation/ publication/ dissemination, etc). She is also a founding member of the HCMR Scientific Diving Team and an experienced Trimix Diver and Underwater Photographer.

Her main research interests lie in the fields of marine ecology and biodiversity, ecological quality and environmental impact assessment, habitat/biotope mapping and assessment, sensitive species and habitat conservation, marine protected areas, sustainable diving tourism, scientific diving, visual census techniques, and ecology of alien/invasive species.

Education Profile

• BSc (1998), University of the Aegean, Environmental Sciences
• PhD (2009), University of the Aegean/HCMR, Benthic Ecology, Thesis Title: “Applying Visual Census Techniques on Phytobenthic Communities for the Rapid Ecological Quality Classification of Coastal Environments”

Professional Profile

• 2006 – today: Research Associate, Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
• 2002-2006: PhD Fellow, Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
• 1999-2002: Technical Assistant, Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

Scientific and Professional Memberships

• Hellenic Phycological Society
• Hellenic Society of Environmental Scientists
• Ellenic Network of Aquatic Invasive Species (ELNAIS)
• HCMR Scientific Diving Team

Awards and Recognition

• MARS Travel Award for Young Scientists (2002), in collaboration with the Centre d’ Oceanologie de Marseilles (France).
• NATO Collaborative Research Grant for Young Scientists (2000) in collaboration with the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas (Ukraine)

Research Interests

• Benthic Ecology
• Ecological Quality Assessment
• Marine Biodiversity
• Identification/Evaluation of Ecologically Sensitive Marine Species and Habitat Types
• Identification/Evaluation/Management of Ecologically Important Marine Areas
• Marine Conservation/Ecosystem-Based Marine Spatial Planning
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Visual Census Techniques
• Ecology of Alien/Invasive Species

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Dounas K., D. Koutsoubas & M. Salomidi, 2009. Red Coral (Corallium rubrum, L. 1758) Fisheries in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. International Workshop on Red Coral Science, Management and Trading: Lessons From The Mediterranean. Napoli 23-26 September 2009. Full text available at:

Zenetos, A., Vassilopoulou, V., Salomidi, M. & Poursanidis, D., 2007. Additions to the marine alien fauna of Greek waters (2007 update). JMBA2 Biodiversity Records. Published online at

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