Sakellariou Dimitris

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Position: Research Director

Contact Info

Institute: Oceanography
Address: 46.7km Athens-Sounio Ave. 19013 Anavyssos, greece
Tel: +30-22910-76380
Telex: +30-22910-76347


Dr. Dimitris Sakellariou is a Research Director of Structural/Marine Geology and Marine Geoarchaeology at the Institute of Oceanography of HCMR. He assumed his duties in January 1995 as researcher.
Dr. Sakellariou holds a bachelor’s degree in Geology from the Department of Geology of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He obtained postgraduate courses on tectonics and sedimentology at the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany in 1984-1985.
Dr Sakellariou completed his doctoral training in 1989 in the Institute of Geology of Johannes-Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany. His thesis work focused on the deformation and metamorphic evolution of pre-alpine rocks and geotectonic units in Northern Greece.
Dr Sakellariou was appointed Head of the Department of Geology-Geophysics of the Institute of Oceanography for the period 2004-2009.
Since 2009 Dr Sakellariou holds the position of the Scientific Coordinator of the Underwater Activities Department of HCMR. His duties are to manage and coordinate the use and maintenance of the manned submersible Thetis, four remotely operating underwater vehicles (ROVs) and the scientific diving team of HCMR.
Dr Sakellariou has coordinated or has participated to more than 40 national, international and European research projects and his total publication record exceeds 150 papers in peer-reviewed journals and congress proceedings and contributions and invited lectures in congresses.
Education Profile
• Ph.D., Tectonics & metamorphic processes, Johannes-Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany, 1989
• B.Sc., Geology from the Department of Geology of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, 1984
Professional Profile
• 1991–1994: Research Collaborator, Division of Tectonics & Applied Geology, Department of Geology of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
• 1992-1994: Scientific Director of a small private enterprise focusing on geological and hydrogeological studies public and private bodies, Athens, Greece
• 1995-present: Researcher, Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Athens, Greece
Scientific and Professional Memberships
• Geological Society of Greece
• Member of the Committee of Tectonics of the Geological Society of Greece
• Archaeological Institute of America
Awards and Recognition
2004-2007 Elected Chair of the Committee C1: Marine Geosciences of CIESM
Research Interests
Dr Sakellariou’s research interests fall in the field Marine Geology-Geophysics with particular focus on Neotectonics, Active faulting, Evolution and Sequence Stratigraphy of Sedimentary basins, Tectonics – Sedimentation – Sea level changes relationship, Holocene Geology, Submarine landslides 7 Slope stability, Submarine volcanism, Cold seeps and Mud volcanoes. Dr Sakellariou is also active in Marine Geoarchaeological research, particularly in the search, survey and mapping of submerged archaeological remains in shallow and deep waters and the reconstruction of submerged historic and prehistoric landscapes.
Guest Editor
Lykousis, V., Sakellariou, D. & Locat J., (Editors), Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research, Vol. 27: Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences, Springer 2007, 424 pages, 1dvd-rom. ISBN: 978-1-4020-6511-8
F. Briand, D. Sakellariou & J. Mascle (Editors), Fluid seepages / mud volcanism in the Mediterranean and adjacent domains. CIESM Workshop Monographs No 29, 2006

Chapters in Special Editions
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