The Poseidon System

The POSEIDON System is a comprehensive marine monitoring, forecasting and information system for the Hellenic Seas and the only operating European network of its kind in the eastern area of the Mediterranean Sea. It is composed by:

a) the monitoring system based on a network of oceanographic buoys, a fleet of autonomous profiling floats and a Ferry Box system,

b) the forecasting system based on a suite of numerical models,

c) the operational center for data analysis and processing as well as for the dissemination of the synthetic information to the public.

POSEIDON provides important services and contributes among others in the safe shipping, the protection of the marine ecosystem and the improved management of environmental threads. The system delivers quality-assured information products to end users including policy makers, the maritime economy sector and users of the sea in general. It is also a major infrastructure that promotes marine research and delivers new knowledge of our seas.


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