anavysosAttiki, Anavyssos, Triton Infrastructure
The ultra-modern marine research park, known under the name of TRITON, is the headquarters of HCMR. It is situated at the 47th kilometer of the Athens-Sounion highway in the Mavro Lithari area of Anavyssos. The three-storey main building, with a total area of 6,500 m2 is built on a site comprising 15,000 m2. It includes 34 fully equipped laboratories, 65 offices, a modern library and a large auditorium with seating for 200. Its up-to-date audio-visual equipment includes a teleconferencing capacity. There are two small conference rooms (seating capacity 30-40) as well as a modern computer centre which supports the latest developments in the information and telecommunication areas. It hosts the Research Institutes of Oceanography and of Inland Waters, the Educational Unit, the Maritime Service Unit along with the Underwater Activities Unit and enjoys administrative, IT and legal support.The HCMR library, a marine science facility unique in Greece, is housed in the TRITON building. It covers all issues relating to the marine environment and provides updated and past information to HCMR scientists as well as to visitors to the centre.

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