European Research Infrastructures

The main strategic priority of HCMR is to play a decisive role in the future integrated research issues in the Mediterranean Sea and beyond. Over the last few years, the Centre has become a leading actor in the field of marine and research in the Mediterranean. It has participated in major networks and in particular the European infrastructure network ESFR Infrastructures such as LIFEWATCH, EMSO-ERIC, EMBRC, EUROARGO-ERIC, to name but a few.


Being part of these large European Research Infrastructures is increasingly important for the advancement of knowledge and technology as they play a fundamental role in bringing together a wide diversity of stakeholders to look for solutions to the problems that society is facing today, while they attract and create a new research environment in which all researchers can interact and network to share knowledge and resources in all scientific disciplines.


The work of HCMR is reflected through the work of its relevant Institutes. It reflects all matters relating to research in the hydrosphere: physical-chemical and biological oceanography, marine biology and biodiversity, marine geology and geophysics, coastal geo-morphology, inland waters and biodiversity, marine genomics and biotechnology, fisheries ecology and fisheries, aquaculture, inland and transitional waters research.

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