Reizopoulou Sofia

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Position: Researcher

Contact Info

Institute: Oceanography
Address: HCMR, 46.7 km. Athens Sounio, PO Box 712 19013 Anavyssos, Attiki, Greece
Tel: +302291076383
Telex: +302291076347


Dr. Sofia Reizopoulou (PhD in Marine Biology) is a Researcher at the Institute of Oceanography in Hellenic Centre for Marine Research – H.C.M.R.

Involved in several National and International projects concerning ecological studies and monitoring of coastal and transitional waters, undertaking WP responsibility, or as scientific responsible for HCMR.

Education Profile

• 1997, PhD in Marine Biology, University of Athens
• 1990, Diploma in Biology, University of Ferrara

Professional Profile

• 2006-today Researcher, Institute of Oceanography, HCMR
• 2001-2006: Research Scientist, Institute of Oceanography, HCMR
• 1996-2000, Research scientist with contract, Institute of Oceanography, HCMR
• 1991-1996, Research scientist with contract, Department of Zoology-Marine Biology, University of Athens

Research Interests

Benthic Ecology in transitional and coastal waters, Biodiversity research studies, Impact assessment, Toxin accumulation (Harmful Algal Blooms) on the benthic food web.

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