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Kapsimalis Vasilios

Position: Researcher

Contact Info

Institute: Oceanography
Address: HCMR, 46.7 km Athens – Sounio ave., P.O. Box 712, P.C.19013, Anavyssos Greece
Tel: +302291076378
Telex: +302291076347


Dr Vasilios Kapsimalis is the Head of Department of Marine Geology and Geophysics, Institute of Oceanography. His research interests are in marine sedimentology and geomorphology, Late Quaternary and Holocene stratigraphy, relative sea level changes, coastal erosion, sediment geochemistry, marine pollution, sediment quality. He has published twenty five papers in peer-reviewed journals, and presented more than fifty original contributions in international and Greek conferences. In addition, he has coordinated twenty two research projects dealing with marine pollution, sediment quality assessment, dredged material management, coastal erosion, underwater geoarchaeology, and stratigraphy of continental shelves. He has organized and participated, as chief scientist, in numerous marine geological and geophysical surveys using the HCMR’s fleet. His educational work is related to the teaching of graduate and postgraduate courses at universities, and the supervision of BSc, MSc and PhD theses.

Education and Training

• 1987 BSc in Geology, Department of Geology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
• 1993 Ph.D. in Marine Geology, School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens
• 1999 Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Geology and Oceanography, University of Bordeaux 1

Professional Profile

• 2006- Researcher (Associate), Institute of Oceanography, HCMR
• 2003-2006 Research Officer, Institute of Oceanography, HCMR
• 2001-2003 Research Assistant (under contract), Institute of Oceanography, HCMR
• 1999-2001 Postdoctoral Researcher (under contract), Department of Geology and Oceanography, University of Bordeaux 1
• 1995-1998 Research Assistant (under contract), Institute of Oceanography, HCMR

Research Interests

• Marine sedimentology
• Sediment Geochemistry and Mineralogy
• Marine and coastal pollution
• Late Quaternary – Holocene stratigraphy
• Coastal Geomorphology
• Relative sea level changes
• Marine Geoarchaeology
• Coastal erosion
• Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

Scientific and Professional Memberships

• Geological Society of Greece
• Geographical Society of Greece
• Greek Committee of Geomorphologists and Environment of GSG
• Association of Greek Oceanographers
• International Association of Geomorphologists
• International Working Group on Geoarchaeology (IAG)

Teaching Experience

Graduate education

• 2006-2011 Course: “Oceanography”, Department of Geography, Harokopio University of Athens, Greece
• 2005-2008 Lectures: “Coastal geohazards in History and Mythology” in the framework of the course: “Maritime History & Marine Archaeology” organized by the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes (HCMR) and the University of Connecticut (USA)

Postgraduate education

• 2011 Course: “Marine Geology and Geophysics”, Postgraduate Programme: “Naval and Marine Technology and Science” of the National Technical University of Athens.
• 2005-2008 Lectures: “Coastal processes, hazards and disasters”, Postgraduate Programme: “Applied Geography and Spatial Management”, Direction A: “Management of Natural and Human Disasters”. Harokopio University of Athens, Greece

    • Kapsimalis V., Panagiotopoulos I., Kanellopoulos T.D., Hatzianestis I., Antoniou P., Anagnostou C, 2010. A multi-criteria approach for the dumping of dredged material in the Thermaikos Gulf, Northern Greece. Journal of Environmental Management, 91: 2455-2465.


    • Panagiotopoulos I., Kapsimalis V., Hatzianestis I., Kanellopoulos T.D., Kyriakidou C., 2010. Environmental status of the metropolitan river (Kifissos) of Athens, Greece. Environmental Earth Sciences, 61: 983–993.


    • Vött A., Brückner H., May S.M., Sakellariou D., Nelle O., Lang F., Kapsimalis V., Jahns S., Herd R., Handl M., Fountoulis I., 2009. The Lake Voulkaria (Akarnania, NW Greece) palaeoenvironmental archive – a sediment trap for multiple tsunami impact since the mid-Holocene. Zeitschrift Für Geomorphologie, SI53(1): 1-37.


    • Kapsimalis V., Pavlopoulos K., Panagiotopoulos I., Drakopoulou P., Vandarakis D., Sakellariou D., Anagnostou C., 2009. Geoarchaeological challenges in the Cyclades continental shelf (Aegean Sea). Zeitschrift Für Geomorphologie, SI 53(1): 169-190.


    • Nikolaidis N.P., Karageorgis A.P., Kapsimalis V., Drakopoulou P., Skoulikidis N., Behrendt H., Levkov Z., 2009. Management of nutrient emissions of Axios River catchment: Their effect in the coastal zone of Thermaikos Gulf, Greece.Ecological Modelling, 220: 383–396.


    • Poulos S.E., Kapsimalis V., Tziavos C., Paramana T., 2008. Origin and distribution of surface sediments and human impacts on recent sedimentary processes. The case of the Amvrakikos Gulf (NE Ionian Sea). Continental Shelf Research, 28: 2736–2745.


    • Kanellopoulos T.D., Kapsimalis V., Poulos S.E., Pavlopoulos K., Karageorgis A.P., Angelidis M.O., 2008. The influence of the Evros River on the recent sedimentation of the inner shelf of the NE Aegean Sea. Environmental Geology, 53: 1455-1464.


    • Sakellariou D., Kourkoumelis D., Georgiou P., Micha P., Mallios A., Theodoulou T., Kapsimalis V., Dellaporta E., 2007. Searching for ancient shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea: The discovery of Chios and Kythnos Hellenistic wrecks by marine geological-geophysical methods. International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, 36(2): 365-381.


    • Sakellariou D., Rousakis G., Kaberi H., Kapsimalis V., Georgiou P., Kenellopoulos T., Lykousis V., 2007. Tectono-sedimentary structure and Late Quaternary evolution of the North Evia Gulf basin, Central Greece: Preliminary results.Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece, 40(1): 451-462.


    • Kanellopoulos T.D., Hatzianestis I., Αngelidis M.O., Kapsimalis V., 2007. Aliphatic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in recent prodelta sediments of the Evros River, N.E. Aegean Sea. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 16(7): 776-783.


    • Tsabaris C., Eleftheriou G., Kapsimalis V., Anagnostou C., Vlastou R., Durmishi C., Kedhi M., Kalfas C.A., 2007. Radioactivity levels of recent sediments in the Butrint Lagoon and the adjacent coast of Albania. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 65: 445-453.


    • Kanellopoulos T.D., Angelidis M.O., Karageorgis A.P., Kaberi H., Kapsimalis V., Anagnostou C., 2006. Geochemical composition and sedimentary facies of the uppermost prodelta deposits of the Evros River, North Aegean Sea. Journal of Marine Systems, 63: 63-78.


    • Karageorgis A.P., Kapsimalis V., Kontogianni A., Skourtow M., Turner K.R., Salomons W., 2006. Impact of 100-year human interventions on the deltaic coastal zone of the Inner Thermaikos Gulf (Greece): a DPSIR framework analysis.Environmental Management, 38(2): 304-315.


    • Nikolaidis N.P., Karageorgis A.P., Kapsimalis V., Marconis G., Drakopoulou P., Kontoyiannis H., Krasakopoulou E., Pavlidou A., Pagou K., 2006. Circulation and nutrient modeling of Thermaikos Gulf, Greece. Journal of Marine Systems, 60: 51-62.


    • Kapsimalis V., Poulos S.E., Karageorgis A.P., Pavlakis P., Collins M., 2005. Recent evolution of a Mediterranean deltaic coastal zone: human impacts on the Inner Thermaikos Gulf, NW Aegean Sea. Journal of the Geological Society, London, 162: 897–908.


    • Kapsimalis V., Pavlakis P., Poulos S.E., Alexandri S., Tziavos C., Sioulas A., Filippas D., Lykousis V., 2005. Internal structure and evolution of the Late Quaternary sequence in a shallow embayment: The Amvrakikos Gulf, NW Greece.Marine Geology, 222-223: 399-418.


    • Poulos S.E., Kapsimalis V., Tziavos C., Pavlakis P., Livaditis G., Collins M.B., 2005. Sea-level stands and Holocene geomorphological evolution of the northern deltaic margin of the Amvrakikos Gulf (western Greece). Zeitschrift Für Geomorphologie, SI 137: 125-145.


    • Karageorgis A.P., Skourtos M.S., Kapsimalis V., Kontogianni A.D., Skoulikidis N.Th., Pagou K., Nikolaidis N.P., Drakopoulou P., Zanou B., Karamanos H., Levkov Z., Anagnostou Ch., 2005. An Integrated Approach to Watershed Management within the DPSIR Framework: Axios River Catchment and Thermaikos Gulf. Regional Environmental Change, 5: 138-160.


    • Lobo F.J., González R., Kapsimalis V., Dias J.M.A., Mendes I., Díaz del Río V., 2004. Estimations of bedload sediment transport in the Guadiana Estuary (SW Iberian peninsula): implications for estuarine circulation. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 41: 12-26.


    • Kapsimalis V., Massé L., Tastet J.-P., Velegrakis A., Paireau O. & Lagasquie M.H., 2004. Formation and growth of an estuarine sandbank: Saint-Georges Bank, Gironde Estuary (France). Journal of Coastal Research, SI 41: 27-42.


    • Kapsimalis V., Massé L. & Tastet J.-P., 2004. Tidal impact on the modern sedimentary facies in the Gironde Estuary.Journal of Coastal Research, SI 41: 1-11.


  • Poulos S.E., Voulgaris G., Kapsimalis V., Collins M., Evans G., 2002. Sediment fluxes and the evolution of a riverine-supplied tectonically-active coastal system: Kyparissiakos Gulf, Ionian Sea (eastern Mediterranean). (In:) Jones S.J. & Frostick L.E. (eds) Sediment Flux to Basins: Causes, Controls and Consequences. Journal of the Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 191, 247-266.

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