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Conides Alexis J

Position: Research Director

Contact Info

Institute: Marine Biological Resources
Address: 46,7 km Athens Sounio, Mavro Lithari P.O. BOX 712 19013 Anavissos, Attica, Greece
Email: conides@hcmr.gr


Dr Alexis J. Conides is a Researcher of the Institute for Marine Biological Resources of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research since 1994.

The main scientific fields of interest of Dr Conides are coastal fisheries, aquaculture, fisheries economics and bio-economics and integrated coastal zone management.

Before this appointment, Dr Conides was a private consultant and Director of the Dr Alexis J. Conides Group which specialized in aquaculture development. The main activities of the group were the design and building of aquaculture farms, marine fish and shrimp hatcheries, design of aquaria and the elaboration of studies for the licensing of aquaculture farm, the attraction of EU funds for the subsidization of aquaculture farms within the development and structural funds of Greek Government and EU (National Development Law 1262, EU structural funds FEOFA, 4028 etc.) and the elaboration of EIA studies. During this period also Dr Conides, through his group was en external consultant by contract for the Aquaculture Center of Acheloos S.A. (1989-1990) and the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research/Institute for Marine Biological Resources /Laboratory of Aquaculture (1989-1992).

Dr Conides holds a BSc in Biology, a PhD in aquaculture (physiology of sea bream) as well as post-graduate specialization degrees for finance and economics of SMEs and financial law. In addition, Dr Conides has received training in fisheries bioeconomics from University of Portsmouth (UK) and University of Maryland at College Park (USA). Dr Conides holds a degree on international auditor for ISO 14000 in the field of fisheries and has served as external consultant and advisor for the auditing of marine aquaculture farms for ISO 9000 on processes and ISO 14000. Currently he is finishing his PhD on coastal fisheries and population dynamics.

For the past 15 years, Dr Conides has divided his attention and work in research and teaching. Since 1990, he has published 136 papers in journals, national and international conferences, 12 books and book chapters, 39 training materials/teaching aids, 19 mass media publications (newspapers, magazines) and designed 6 educational multimedia applications. Topics include physiology and reproduction of marine species for aquaculture, marine policy, population dynamics and biology of coastal species, fisheries management, coastal oceanography, coastal ecology and conservation.

Dr Conides is a Visiting Professor of the University of Dubrovnik (Croatia) since 2000 teaching courses in aquaculture and statistics.

In the period 1990-2011, Dr Conides participated or coordinated 57 research projects from which 21 were funded by the EU or international donors and 36 were funded by the Greek Government (17 from which were co-funded with EU).

Education profile

• Bsc, Biology, University of Athens, Greece 1984
• PhD, Aquaculture, University of Athens, Greece, 1992
• PhD, Fisheries, University of Athens, Greece, ongoing
• Certified Auditor/International ISO 14000 Auditor, EUCAT/IRCA, 2000
• Post graduate specialization, Bio-economics of fisheries, University of Maryland at College Park, USA, 2000-2001
• Post graduate specialization, Financial and business management of SMEs, University of Athens, Greece, 2002-2003
• Post graduate specialization, Financial Law, University of Athens, Greece, 2003-2004

Professional Profile

• Since 1994: Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
• 1988-1994: Private Consultant in aquaculture sector

Scientific and Professional Memberships

• Member, Greek Geotechnical Chamber, No 05-00210 since 1989
• Member, New York academy of Sciences

Research Interests

• Fisheries: population dynamics, growth, mortality, reproduction, yields, morphometry, biological-economics models, population ecology and interactions/interconnections of environmental parameters and CPUE
• Aquaculture: design of aquaculture farms, shrimp farming, operation of hatcheries, cultivated species reproduction (natural and artificial), biology and husbandry
• Integrated Coastal Zone Management: with special focus on the effects and interactions between coastal fisheries and the other human activities such as tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, urban development, coastal industry, services, shipping and transportation. In addition telemetry applications for the monitoring of coastal water quality. Special interest is shown for lagoons, coastal lakes, estuaries and similar coastal ecosystems

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