Petihakis George

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Position: Associate Researcher

Contact Info

Institute: Oceanography
Address: HCMR, Crete P.O. Box 2214 71003 Iraklion Crete, Greece
Tel: +302810337755
Telex: +302810337822


Dr. George Petihakis is a Researcher in the Institute of Oceanography of the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research. He has been with the HCMR since it’s beginning in 2003 and previously before it’s merger at the Institute of Marine Biology of Crete.

He has 16 years of experience in marine science with particular emphasis on marine ecological modelling, operational monitoring, and data analysis. He has contributed to the development of the POSEIDON-M3A marine observing station in East Mediterranean and he is responsible for its operation and maintenance. As ecosystem modeller he has extensively used collected and processed data for the tuning and validation of ecosystem models for Cretan and Aegean Seas, East Mediterranean and Mediterranean Basins. Furthermore he has developed a decision making management tool for aquacultures which provides valuable information on key parameters such as the location and size of the farm through a holistic environmental impact approach.

Dr Petihakis has been involved as coordinator, principal investigator or researcher, in 32 EU and national programs some of which are RECITE, EUROFORM, MATER-MAST II, THETIS, MFSPP, COST-IMPACT, MFSTEP, MEDEX, MedEcos, INSEA, INTERREG III-A, POSEIDON I&II, EuroSITES, MEECE, JERICO.

During the period 2003 – 2008 he was Associate lecturer at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete (TEI), School of food technology and dietetics, Department of human nutrition and dietetics.

He has been evaluator of research projects in National (GRST) and European (FP7) programs, referee in 9 scientific journals in the area of physical chemical and biological oceanography and head of the scientific diving operations in HCMR.

Education Profile

• PhD, Hydrodynamic and Ecological Simulation of the Ecosystem of Pagasitikos, University of Thessaly, Greece, 2004
• MSc, Applied Fish Biology, Polytechnic South West (Plymouth), UK, 1989
• B.Sc. (hons) Ecology, Royal Holloway and Bedford new College, University of London, UK, 1988

Professional Profile

• 2003 to Present, Researcher, Institute of Oceanography, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Heraklion, Crete Greece.
• 1995 to 2002, Researcher, Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Iraklion, Crete Greece.
• 1991 to 1995, Scientific Associate, Sitia Development Organisation, Sitia Crete Greece

Scientific and Professional Membership

• Geotechnical Chamber of Greece
• Association of Aquaculture Specialists
• Association of Greek Oceanographers
• European Society of Limnology and Oceanography
• Association of Greek Researchers
• International Society for Ecological Modelling (ISEM)

Research Interests

• Marine ecosystem Modelling
• Marine ecosystem monitoring with emphasis on operational oceanography
• Calibration procedures for marine sensors
• Scientific diving

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