Pavlidou Alexandra

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Position: Associate Researcher

Contact Info

Institute: Oceanography
Address: 46.7 Km Athens-Sounio Av., Anavyssos, 19013, Athens, Greece
Tel: +302291076364
Telex: +302291076347


Dr. Alexandra Pavlidou is an Associated Researcher on Chemical Oceanography – Inorganic Chemistry at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR). She assumed her duties in December 2006.
Dr. Alexandra Pavlidou is Quality Manager of the accredited by ISO 17025 Biogeochemical Laboratory in Institute of Oceanography at HCMR.
Dr. Alexandra Pavlidou leads the laboratory of nutrient analysis in the Institute of Oceanography at HCMR.
Dr. Alexandra Pavlidou completed her doctoral training in October 1998. Her thesis work focused on metal speciation in microenvironments with different physico-chemical characteristics, using the technique of Anodic Stripping Voltammetry.
Dr. Pavlidou’s research interests are mainly focused on dissolved oxygen and nutrient distribution in coastal and open sea environments. Her research includes the study of the structure and functioning of coastal ecosystems, the influence of natural and anthropogenic pressures in the coastal zone with emphasis in eutrophication and pollution, the biogeochemical cycles of N, P, Si and the tracing of water mass formation, circulation and history using dissolved oxygen and nutrients.
She has participated in about 45 national and European projects focusing on the pollution and biogeochemical processes in marine ecosystems. Dr. Alexandra Pavlidou has published about 80 scientific papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference proceedings.
Dr. Alexandra Pavlidou earned her doctoral degree in Chemical Oceanography from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Athens.

• Ph.D., Chemical Oceanography, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1998
• B.S., Chemistry, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 1991

Professional Profile
• 2006-Today: Associated Researcher, Institute of Oceanography, HCMR
• 1998-2006: Adjunct Researcher in Institute of Oceanography, HCMR
• 1994-1998: Scientist in Institute of Oceanography, HCMR.
• 1991-1994: Adjunct Researcher in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Chemistry.

Scientific and Professional Memberships
• Greek Research Society
• Hellenic Oceanographic Association
• Greek Chemical Society

Research Interests
• Influence of natural and anthropogenic pressures in the coastal zone with emphasis in eutrophication and pollution.
• Structure and functioning of coastal ecosystems (biogeochemical cycles).
• Biogeochemical cycles of N, P, Si.
• Influence of Climatic changes in marine ecosystems in relation with the anthropogenic activities.
• Tracing water mass formation, circulation and history using dissolved oxygen and nutrients.

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