IODP Expedition 391: Corinth Drilling

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Media Release
+++ Embargo: October 19th 2017, 3 pm CEST+++
Scientific ocean drilling expedition explores continental rift
development in Greece
International science party to focus on faulting, landscape evolution and past
climate in a seismically active rift
The Corinth Rift, located in the Gulf of Corinth in Central Greece is one of the most
seismically active areas in Europe. It is here that one of the Earth’s tectonic plates is
being ripped apart causing geological hazards including earthquakes. This rifting
process is the focus of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP)
Expedition 381 “Corinth Active Rift Development”. An international team of
scientists will leave the port of Corinth on October 20th onboard the drilling vessel
Fugro Synergy.

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