CLAIM project consortium celebrates launch

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19 institutions from 13 EU-countries and 2 non-EU countries have launched a four-year-long Horizon 2020 project set to reduce marine litter pollution

TheĀ Newly funded, EU Horizon 2020 project CLAIMĀ targets increasing pollution in marine areas by focusing on theĀ development of innovative cleaning technologies and approaches.Ā CLAIM stands for ā€œCleaning marineĀ Litter by developing andĀ ApplyingĀ InnovativeĀ Methods inĀ EuropeanĀ Seas.ā€

During CLAIMs, official project kick-off last week in Heraklion, Greece. Almost 70 scientists and representatives of small or medium enterprises (SMEs), from across Europe gathered together to set the stepping-stone for this promising EU project. CLAIM will develop innovative cleaning technologies and approached, targeting theĀ prevention and in situ management of visible and invisible marine litter in the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea.

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