HCMR Researchers Highlight Critical Findings on Posidonia Meadows in Greece at the 15th ISBW and WSC 2024     Three researchers from HCMR – Institute of Oceanography (Dr. Vasilis Gerakaris, Dr. Victoria Litsi-Mizan, and PhD candidate Catalina Andrea Garcia-Escudero) participated and presented their work at the 15th International Seagrass Biology Workshop and World Seagrass Conference

The ERASMUS+ program “YOU4BLUE – Young generations for sustainable blue growth” is an educational program for high school students that takes place in three different Mediterranean islands (Sardinia, Crete and Majorca) from three different E.U. nations: Italy, Greece and Spain. This project aims to promote a broad experience of the students centered on the sustainability


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HELLENIC CENTRE FOR MARINE RESEARCH GENDER EQUALITY (GE) PLAN 1. Introduction With its Gender Equality Plan (GEP), the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), aims towards establishing its priorities for addressing gender equality, as well as setting guidelines for future activities in order to enhance Gender Equality (GE) and monitor application of the GEP. The

The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) participated in the documentary entitled “European Maritime Day in Greece – the Blue Growth Community experience” about the national actions of Interreg MED projects towards a sustainable blue economy!   #HCMR #NTUA #BlueGrowthCommunity #InterregMED     Youtube.com/watch #HCMR – https://www.hcmr.gr/en/  #NTUA – http://www.naval.ntua.gr/ #BlueGrowthCommunity – https://www.facebook.com/BlueGrowthCom/ #InterregMED –


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WHAT? An intensive course on a new, multidisciplinary scientific field: Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research (CSPR). The course will take place in Porto Cheli (Greece), and include field trips to the prehistoric site of Franchthi Cave and surrounding area FOR WHOM? For postgraduate students and young scientists who wish to move across the boundaries of marine


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In the framework of Med Educ Erasmus + project a five (5) days learning and training workshop is launching from 8th-12th of February. The workshop aims to present and test the three (3) intellectual outputs which are being developed during the project.   Educators and partners from Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Greece are participating


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Description: Fish are an important part of the human diet as it provides many essential nutrients. However, these health benefits may be compromised by the presence of toxic metals and metalloids, which can have harmful effects on humans if present at elevated concentrations. Until today, only the total concentration of some toxic elements is regulated

Hull welding of the R/V PHILIA 21.12.2020

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Hull welding of the R/V PHILIA 21.12.2020 The hull of R/V PHILIA was welded at the Papilla shipyard by the company ANATEKO SA on 21.12.2020 within the framework of RePHIL project.            

Extension, and modernization of R/V FILIA

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An important step in the process of transformation, extension, and modernization of R/V FILIA within the framework of Rephil project.       

PRESS RELEASE: HCMR’s new research vessel

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We are happy to announce that the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), a public research body under the General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Ministry of Development & Investment, officially commenced the procedure for the detailed design and construction of a new, ocean going, multi-purpose research vessel. Funding for the procurement of the new

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