Mylonas Constantinos (Dinos) C.

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Position: Research Director

Contact Info

Institute: Aquaculture
Address: Thalassocosmos, Aqualabs P.O. Box 2214, Iraklion, Crete 71003 Greece
Tel: +302810337878
Telex: +302810337778


Dr. C.C. Mylonas’ involvement in the field of aquaculture started with his undergraduate studies in Aquaculture (B.Sc.), with the intention of finding employment in the emerging marine aquaculture industry in the Mediterranean in the late 1980s. With the decision of continuing his education, he studied the application of pharmacological methods for the induction of ovulation in salmonids and the effect of the treatment on egg quality, through the pursuit of a M.Sc. degree under Drs. Craig V. Sullivan and Jeffrey Hinshaw. Remaining in the academia (Ph.D.), he studied the reproductive endocrinology of fish and the use of controlled-release delivery systems for gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa), in the induction of ovulation and enhancement of sperm production in various cultured fishes, under the supervision of Professor Yonathan Zohar.

During his tenure as a researcher at the Institute of Aquaculture, HCMR, Dr. C.C. Mylonas has been involved in four EU-funded projects (5th and 7th FP), and 15 National or Binational research programmes in the area of fish reproduction, broodstock management, gamete quality improvement and species diversification. One of his major recent achievements was the control of reproduction of Atlantic bluefin tuna in captivity, and the production of viable eggs (Mylonas, C.C. et al. 2007. Preparation and administration of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa) implants for the artificial control of reproductive maturation in captive-reared Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus thynnus). Reviews in Fisheries Science 15: 183-210). The success of that work was followed, recently, with the production of Atlantic bluefin tuna fingerlings and their stocking in grow-out cages.

In addition to research, Dr. C.C. Mylonas is involved in teaching graduate students and professionals in the area of fish reproduction, broodstock management and assisted reproduction technologies, through international courses (Instituto Agronomico Mediterraneo de Zaragoza, Spain) and seminars at various European Universities. He is also involved in training graduate students through research undertaken under his supervision at the Institute of Aquaculture, HCMR.

Dr. C.C. Mylonas is also very active in consulting with the European aquaculture industry and provides assistance with broodstock management, spawning induction methods and gamete quality evaluations, for various cultured fishes.

Dr. Mylonas has authored 83 articles in international ISI journals, five chapters in multi-authored books and has recently edited a book on Sparidae aquaculture (Pavlidis, M., Mylonas, C.C., 2011. Sparidae: biology and aquaculture of gilthead sea bream and related species. Blackwell Scientific Publishers, London, 390 pp.)

Educational Profile

Ph.D., Marine-Estuarine and Environmental Sciences, Center of Marine Biotechnology, University of Maryland, USA, 1996
M.Sc., Zoology, North Carolina State University, USA, 1991
B.Sc., (Summa Cum Laude Honors), Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University, USA, 1988

Professional Profile

2007-present: Director of Research, Institute of Aquaculture, Hellenic Center for Marine Research, Greece.
2002-2007: Level B Researcher, Institute of Aquaculture, Hellenic Center for Marine Research, Greece.
1999-2002: Level C Researcher, Institute of Marine Biology of Crete, Greece.
1998-1999: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Center of Marine Biotechnology, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, USA
1996-1998: Assistant Hatchery Manager, Sagro Aquaculture Ltd., Cyprus.

Scientific and Professional Memberships

World Aquaculture Society
European Aquaculture Society
The Fisheries Society of the British Isles
Editorial Board Member of the journal “Aquaculture”
Editorial Board Member of the “Israeli Journal of Aquaculture-Bamidgeh”

Awards and Recognition

1985-1988: Full undergraduate studies scholarship from USA-AMIDEAST
1993: Best Poster Presentation Award, Aquaculture Europe 1993, European Aquaculture Society

Research Interests

Dr. C.C. Mylonas’ research field includes (a) the study of fish reproductive biology and endocrinology, (b) the identification of the dysfunctions exhibited by female and male broodstocks in captive conditions, and (c) the development of pharmacological methods for the control of reproduction, induction of spawning and improvement of sperm production in fish of interest for the aquaculture industry. In this framework, Dr. C.C. Mylonas’ has been involved in basic and, mainly, applied research, aiming at the optimization of broodstock management methods, focusing on marine fishes. Therefore, in addition to his cooperation with various research centers, his research put him in close contact with the aquaculture industry, and has studied more than twenty different cultured fish species.
In the last few years, Dr. C.C. Mylonas’ research focuses on the study of large benthic and pelagic fishes such as the wreckfish (Polyprion americanus), greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili) and the Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus), species which he succeeded in controlling their reproduction in captivity for the first time, world-wide. These successes have opened a new chapter in the potential of marine aquaculture, not only in Greece and Europe, but world wide, since all three species are cosmopolitan in distribution and highly demanded in the seafood markets.
In the future, Dr. C.C. Mylonas intents to continue working in the study of reproductive biology of fishes, and the problems they present in the aquaculture industry, and in the optimization of broodstock management methods of already cultured, as well as new species with potential for the aquaculture industry. Even in the species that reproduce spontaneously after many years of culture, there is still a need for improvement of the production and gamete quality, as well as in the development of artificial insemination methods, in order to be able to undertake genetic improvement programs and cryopreservation of gametes from selected stocks.

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