Kristoffersen Jon Bent

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Position: post-doctoral researcher

Contact Info

Institute: Marine Biology and Genetics
Address: HCMR, Gournes Pediados P.O.Box 2214, Irakleion 71003, Crete, Greece


Dr. Jon Bent Kristoffersen is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. He completed his doctoral training at the systems ecology group at the University of Bergen, Norway, in 1999. His thesis focused on the biology and ecology of mesopelagic fish. He worked extensively with fish ageing from otoliths. His post-doctoral experience includes further work on fish age and growth, the usefulness of fluctuating asymmetry as a fitness indicator, a variety of methods for fish stock identification, such as morphometry and meristics, otolith microchemistry, variation in allozyme frequencies, nuclear and mitochondrial DNA variation, and phylogeography and the reconstruction of a species’ history from its genetic variation. He also has an interest in the theoretical exploration of topics such as mutation, selection, and coalescent theory.

M. Sc. Marine biology, University of Bergen 1989-1994
Ph. D. Marine biology, University of Bergen 1995-1999

Work experience
Since Aug 2011: Post-doc at HCMR
Jul – Oct 2006; Oct 2007 – Feb 2008: Project work at National Agricultural Research Foundation
June 2005 – Mar 2006: Project work at HCMR
Sep 2003 – May 2004: Researcher at University of Patras
Feb 2001 – Feb 2003: Marie Curie individual post-doctoral fellowship at HCMR
Jul 1999 – Jan 2001: Project work at the University of Bergen, teaching of PhD and master students

1994 – 1995: Mandatory military service at Avdeling for Miljøtoksikologi, Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment)

Book chapters
Salvanes, A.G.V. & J.B. Kristoffersen 2001. Mesopelagic fish. Pp1711 – 1717 in Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences (eds: J. Steele, S. Thorpe & K. Turekian), Academic Press Ltd.

In refereed journals
Kristoffersen, J.B. & A.G.V. Salvanes 1998a. Effects of formaldehyde and ethanol preservation on body and otoliths of Maurolicus muelleri and Benthosema glaciale. Sarsia 83:95-103
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Asplin, L., A.G.V. Salvanes & J.B. Kristoffersen 1999. Non-local wind-driven fjord-coast advection and its potential effect on pelagic organisms and fish recruitment. Fisheries Oceanography 8:255-263
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Kristoffersen, J.B 2007. Growth rate and relative otolith size in populations of adult Maurolicus muelleri. Journal of Fish Biology 71:1317-1330
Kristoffersen, J.B. & A Magoulas 2008. Population structure of anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus L. in the Mediterranean inferred from multiple methods. Fisheries Research 91:187-195
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Tsagkarakou, A, Mouton L, Kristoffersen JB, Dokianakis E, Grispou M, Bourtzis K. Population genetic structure and secondary endosymbionts of Q biotype Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae). Submitted to Heredity

Technical reports, popular science, etc.
Kristoffersen, J.B. 1994. Bløtbunnsfauna på to dype fjordstasjoner – faunastruktur i perioden 1973 – 1992. Cand. Scient. thesis, Department of fisheries and marine biology, University of Bergen. (In Norwegian)
Kristoffersen, J.B, L.Buhl-Mortensen & K.Miskov-Larsen 1994. Marin bløtbunn – verdens største habitat. Historikk og nyere viten. – Naturen 5:206-215 (In Norwegian)
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Kristoffersen, J.B. 1999. Mesopelagic fish in Norwegian waters: Distribution, life history and genetics. Doctoral dissertation, Department of fisheries and marine biology, University of Bergen, Norway.
Kristoffersen, J.B. 1999. Otolitter. (educational web page about otoliths, in Norwegian)
Anonymous 2004. Comparative study of the growth of wild and farmed Diplodus sargus and analysis of the environmental influence. PAVET project. Ministry of Development – General Secretariat of Research and Technology. (In Greek).
Kristoffersen 2003a. Rigel Aline – billig og bra. Astronomi 3, 2003 (in Norwegian).
Kristoffersen 2003b. Teleport – portabelt kvalitetsteleskop. Astronomi 5, 2003 (in Norwegian).
Kristoffersen 2004. Rapport fra Hellas. Astronomi 4, 2004 (in Norwegian).
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