Submersible THETIS
BIGunderwaterThe manned submersible THETIS was constructed, in 1999 in France by the company COMEX S.A, to very high technical specifications and has great potential for a wide range of scientific activities.

It has a wide optical field, with distinct advantages over previous submersibles using older technologies. It is fitted with light projectors of advanced technology specially equipped for photography and cinematography. In addition it has a special intercom system for communication with the research vessel AEGAEO of which it forms an integral part.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe has a modern sonar echo sounder of high resolution which provides high standards of safety in terms of visibility, and it is particularly effective for the location of wrecks., communication systems (UHF, VHF, underwater telephone), a special com system with the R/V AEGAEO, navigation systems, cameras and powerful lights for photography and cinematography.

She is equipped with 2 robotic arms (5 and 3 axis of movement) for its many applications and range of activities, with the possibility of lifting objects of up to 100 kg in weight.. For the atmosphere control she is equipped with the appropriate gas meter instruments. She is also equipped with cutting equipment, hydraulic pistons, vacuum pumps, etc., for special needs.


Detailed Specifications
thetisequip2Length 3.4m, Width 2.4m, Height 2.5m, Weight 5.5 tonnes. She can accommodate a crew of two. Operational depth 610m, speed 2.5 knots. For her propulsion she has 5 hydraulic generators of 11KW. Her energy source is an electric lead battery, wet type, 160 volts.

In case of emergency it can stay submerged for three whole days as it possesses a life support system (food, water and oxygen for the 2-man crew).

The submersible is propelled by two power batteries of a special type with a total power of 160 volts. The cathode and anode are independent of the electronic system and it is maintained with an air supply in a special ballast tank. In case of emergency a ballast weighing 212 kg can be jettisoned.

Total Weight: 5500 kg
Length: 3400 mm
Width: 2400 mm
Height: 2150 mm
Maximum operating depth: -610 m/ 2000 ft
Operating time: 6 hours normal, 9 hours max
Survival time: 80 hours
Underwater speed: 2,5 knots
Crew: 2 persons
Classification: BUREAU VERITAS Class I3/3
Cabin material: ASME PVHO-1
Cabin Diameter: 1689 mm (outer) 1499 mm (inner)
Cabin thickness: 90 mm
Hatch diameter: 580 mm
Propulsion: 5 hydraulic motors 1400 N
Propellers: 5 aluminium 6061 OD 459 mm (constant step)

ROV Max RoverThe MAX ROVER was received  in Greece in 1999 and has been used in all of the Aegean Sea. During its initial trials it was taken to a depth of 1854m between the islands of Crete and Thira.

This is a remote operated underwater vehicle with the ability to dive to about 2000m. The system includes the submersible, a cable winch and a control console. It is controlled by 3 personnel (operator and technicians) and is controlled from the HCMR?s research vessels R/V AEGAEO and PHILIA.

Research on the effect of trawling equipment on the sea bottom
Inspection of underwater areas and objects and inspection of pipelines and cables
Support of archaeological research
Searching for the sunken Persian fleet of Dario (492 B.C.)
Location of archaeological remains

ROV Max Rover Equipment
ROV Max Rover Equipment3 video cameras and digital still camera
Scanning and side scan sonar
Compass, altitude and depth sensors
Trackpoint system USBL
Robotic arm with 5 axis of movement

Detailed Specifications
Manufacturer: Deep Sea Systems International Inc.
Model: Max Rover Mark II
ROV Max Rover Equipment Maximum operating (dive) depth: 2000 m
Operating Time: Unlimited
Total weight: 750 kg Length: 2.2 m
Width: 0.9 m Height: 1.2 m
Payload: 68 kg
Flotation material: syntactic foam flotation
Power: ROV 14 kW, 220 V (single phase)
Winch: hydraulic winch 380 V (3 phases), 25 hp, slip ring assembly, dimensions 2x2x2 m, 4.5 tonnes weight
Umbilicals: reinforced coaxial 2.200 m winch mounted and 300 m free
Motors: 6 electric x 2.0 hp, internal, brushless, DC
Underwater speed: 2.5 knots (fwd/rev), 1.5 knots (vert/lat), bollard pull: 160 kg
Autopiloting: course, depth, altitude
Navigation: pressure depth meter, altimeter, digital and analogue compass, video graphics overlay (course, depth, date, time, compass, number of cable turns).
Positioning system: Trackpoint II USBL positioning system georeferenced through Hypack Max software
Sonars: Tritech Dual Frequency Scanning Sonar (675/1200 KHz) & Tritech Side Scan Sonar (910 KHz)
4 Cameras: Colour CCD video camera (wide angle, on pan & tilt), Colour CCD video camera (wide angle), Colour CCD video camera (macro-zoom on pan & tilt), digital
Still Camera (3.2 Mpixel, 1Gb) with 4 green lasers
Lights: 2 x 100 W HID lights and 4 x 150 W Quartz lights
Manipulation: Hydrolek electro-hydraulic 5 function manipulator
Control: Computer control system, two heavy duty instrument consoles, monitors, control box.
Support vessel: research vessel Philia and other suitable vessels.

ROV Super Achilles
This is a remote operated underwater vehicle with the ability to dive to 1000m. It was constructed by the French company COMEX S.A. Its system includes the submersible, cable winch and control console. It is operated from the HCMR’ s research vessels, AEGAEO and PHILIA.

The ROV SUPER ACHILLE was delivered to Greece in 1999 and has been used in many missions in all the Greek seas. It has the ability to remain underwater for an unlimited time.

Sampling and photography within the framework of scientific programmes
Searching for and recovery of submerged objects
Inspection of underwater areas and objects (pipelines-cables, etc.)
Can be used to rescue the THETIS if necessary
Support of archaeological research
Has taken part in all the research missions with the Ephorate of Underwater Archaeology.
HCMR supports independent dives to a depth of 100 m.

ROV Super Achilles Equipment

2 Video cameras Basic and special lighting for cinematography and photography Scanning sonar Compass, altitude and depth sensors Trackpoint system USBL Robotic arm with 3 axis of movement Cutting tools, buoy with rope, rescue equipment for collection of objects Detailed Specifications Total weight: 120 kg Length: 720 mm Width: 600 mm Height: 510 mm Maximum operating (dive) depth: - 1.000 m / 3.279 ft Operating Time: Unlimited Underwater speed: 2,5 knots Operating Crew: 3 (main operator of ROV, operator of umbilical cord, supervisor) Underwater propulsion: 4 electronic non-synchronous motors Propellers: 4 plastic (constant step) Power: 220 VAC - 10 KW Flotation: HCP 100 Umbilicals: Kx4 coaxial 11 mm 70 gr/m 2,4 db/100 m Autopiloting: course, depth, altitude Positionic System: Track Point II Plus Ultra ORE 4410 D Sonars: 525 k HZ TRITECH SONAR 6-150 m Depthmeter: Comex 0-125 m 1 KHZ Compass: 1 Gyroscopic Cameras: 1 camera SONY XC77 (pan and tilt) ccd 3 lux Basic lighting Equipment: 2 headlights 220 v 250 W Special lighting Equipment: 1 x 12 V 50 W Cameras: Digital video DVCAM - H18 - VHS (PAL) Manipulator: 3 function manipulator Additional equipment: Electric cutter, rescue equipment for object collection.
ROV Seabotix Supporting research in shallow water (about 300 m)
ROV Seabotix Equipment General Operation The HCMR small ROV system is small lightweight observation class ROV (Seabotix LBV200L2). The total system (ROV, power/control system and cable) weighs less than 100 kg and is transported in 3 waterproof cases. The ROV has a depth rating of 200 m, with two video cameras, LED lights, scanning sonar and a single-function manipulator. The system requires a 1 kW power supply at 220 VAC. The umbilical consists of 250 m of thin cable (with power conductors and fibre optic video) on a drum with slip-rings. The ROV vehicle weights less than 15 kg and can easily be deployed by one person with another acting as pilot. It is an ideal vehicle for shallow water observation working from small boats.
The SeaBotix LBV200L2 takes the highly capable and successful LBV1502 to the next level with a longer 250 meter (810ft) umbilical, an increased depth rating to 200m, more powerful Brushless DC Thrusters, 480 lumen internal LED Lighting, fiber optic video and FSK electronics.
Powerful Thrusters The LBV200L2 is equipped with four powerful, oil-compensated, Brushless DC Thrusters. There is 1-lateral, 2-forward, and 1-vertical thruster, enabling maneuverability in four axes, just like a helicopter. The additional lateral thruster adds the capability to fly sideways, allowing the operator to keep either camera on target while piloting along a ship hull or dam surface. On-the-fly, 10-step variable power control to each axis allows for smooth video and sensor recording. For added reliability, serviceability, and peace of mind, each thruster is identical and independent of the vehicle enclosure, ensuring no dynamic seals penetrate the vehicle?s electronics enclosure.
Long Umbilical The LBV200L2 can operate at its full 200 meter (660ft) depth with a generous 250 meters (820ft) of our revolutionary small diameter umbilical. Managing the long umbilical is simple with the heavy duty reel. Use of fiber optics in the umbilical is transparent to the operator by using a special transmitter potted into the umbilical, with only a wet-mating connector needed externally. The extremely small-diameter of our umbilical presents at least 25% less drag than other systems meaning the vehicle is controlled by the operator, not the umbilical.
Intuitive Controls Operation of the LBV200L2 is simple with the standard Integrated Control Console featuring the acclaimed LBV Hand Controller. Standard Auto-Heading, Depth, and Trim, as well as all system functions are at your fingertips in a logical, simple layout. Added features include the 38 cm (15") monitor behind a waterproof panel, sunshade for direct light operations and sealed components for harsh environment operations. The programmable Video Overlay displays heading, depth, temperature, thruster gain settings, auto settings, cable turns, and time/date.
High-Quality Video and Sensor Data The Fiber Optic video system provides crystal-clear images from the standard high-resolution color and low-light B/W cameras. Both cameras have a total 270? field of view through 180? rotation of the camera enclosure. The internal, fully-adjustable LED Lighting array provides brilliant, white light as it tracks the color camera. Custom FSK electronics are included to provide an additional RS232 channel for options such as sonar for harsh environment operations.
The programmable Video Overlay displays heading, depth, temperature, thruster gain settings, auto settings, cable turns, and time/date.
Grabber & Attachments The LBV200L2 can be fitted with the three jaw grabber enabling retrieval of both large and small objects. With exceptional gripping force the grabber can clamp onto heavy objects and then retrieved by pulling in the umbilical. Open and close functions are done by the LBV hand controller. The standard three jaw assembly offers attachment to objects in various positions.
In addition to the three jaw attachment the grabber can be fitted with a Parallel Two Jaw attachment, Interlocking Three Jaw attachment or Cutting Blade. Each of the attachments are simple to install and also available as an entire kit including case, tools and spare blades.
External Lighting For use in conditions that require maximum light the LBV200L2 can be fitted with external lighting. The external lights offer greater coverage in a fixed direction. Use of the internal lamp can be done at the same time and is needed in the up or down camera position. Intensity and on/off is controlled by the LBV hand controller.
Scanning Sonar The LBV200L2 can be supplied with the latest Tritech Micron DST scanning sonar. Unique to the LBV is the ability to transmit the data through the onboard electronics eliminating the need for a larger diameter umbilical. The Micron is an exceptional sonar with high resolution images up to 80 meters (262ft) and a full 360 degree scan. Use the sonar to help locate objects at distance or in turbid water.
Detailed Specifications LBV Depth Rating 200 Meters Seawater (MSW) - 660 Feet Seawater (FSW) Length 530 mm - 21 in Width 245 mm - 9.65 in Height 254 mm - 10 in Diagonal 353 mm - 13.9 in Weight in Air 12 kg - 26.5 lbs Protection Protective shell and polyethylene bumper frame
Thrusters Thruster configuration Four (4) Brushless DC thrusters - Two (2) forward, one (1) vertical and one (1) lateral. Each thruster is identical and isolated Bollard Thrust (forward) 7 kgf - 15.4 ft/lbs Bollard Thrust (vertical) 3 kgf - 6.6 ft/lbs Bollard Thrust (lateral) 3 kgf - 6.6 ft/lbs Speed at surface 3 knots - 3.45 mph - 1.54 m/s Max Operating Current 2 knots
Cameras & Lighting Camera Tilt 180 degrees - internal chassis rotates Range of View 270 degrees - 180 degrees from tilt, 90 degrees from camera lens Camera - Primary 570 line Ex-View HAD color - 0.2 Lux Camera - Secondary 430 line B/W - 0.03 Lux Focus Manual focus control via hand controller. 90mm to infinity Video Format NTSC or PAL Output Signal Composite Transmission Type Fiber Optic Internal Lighting 700 Lumen LED array tracking camera. Variable intensity via hand controller.
Control System Configuration Hand controller, monitor and surface power supply built into protective case Data Channels 1 RS-232 for LBV controls and one spare 115K Monitor 38 cm - 15 in color LCD behind waterproof panel Sunshade Crush texture cover for LCD monitor Sensors Heading, depth, temperature Auto Functions Depth, heading, trim
Hand Controller Length 210 mm - 8.3 in Width 160 mm - 6.3 in Height 75 mm - 3 in Weight 650 grams - 1.4 lbs Joystick Single - forward, reverse, rotate left, rotate right, roll left, roll right Joystick Steps 32 Vertical Thruster Proportional control knob Additional Controls Membrane keypad - thruster gain control, trim, auto depth, auto heading, camera tilt, camera focus, camera switch, light On/Off, light intensity, accessories, video overlay position, power On/Off, programming keypad Safety I.P. 64 - splash proof
Integrated Control Console Length 452 mm - 17.8 in Width 328 mm - 12.9 in Height 173 mm - 6.8 in Weight 16 kg - 35.3 lbs Input Voltage 100-130 VAC or 200-240 VAC Power Requirement 1,000 Watts maximum Safety Isolated input power, circuit breaker, line insulation monitor, leak detector. Meets and exceeds "Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Electricity in Water" Water Proofing I.P. 64 - Splash proof
Umbilical Diameter 8 mm - 0.3 in nominal Length 250 meters - 820 feet Working Strength 45 kgf - 100 lbs Breaking Strength 318 kgf - 700 lbs Strength Member Kevlar Buoyancy Neutral in fresh water - slightly positive in Seawater Conductors Twisted pair with shield and a multi-mode fiber
Reel Length 372 mm - 14.6 in Width 368 mm - 14.5 in Height 419 mm - 16.5 in Weight 20 kg - 44 lbs (with umbilical) Construction Polyethylene starboard, stainless steel and aluminum
On-Screen Information Display Information Displayed Thruster gain settings, light level, Trim On/Off, heading, depth, turns counter, camera angle, water temperature, time, date, user text User Text Up to 28 characters Positioning Bottom, top or off Menus Quick menu, setup, calibrate, diagnostics, options
Transit Cases Case - 1 Length 762 mm - 30 in Width 516 mm - 20.3 in Height 452 mm - 17.8 in Weight 27 kg - 60 lbs Contents LBV with options if fitted and spares kit Case - 2 Length 762 mm - 30 in Width 516 mm - 20.3 in Height 452 mm - 17.8 in Weight 33 kg - 73 lbs Contents Umbilical on reel, spare thruster, manuals and vacuum pump.
Spares, Tools and Manuals Spares Contents Fastener kit, seal kit, propellers, gel lube, Kluber grease, acrylic polish, fuse Tool Contents 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 mm hex ball drivers, #1, #2 Phillips screw drivers, 10 mm socket driver, small straight blade screwdriver, 11/16 socket, 19 mm open end, O-ring insertion tool, vacuum pump Spare Thruster Brushless DC thruster assembly Manuals Operators manual, service and repair CD-ROM  

Detailed Table of Underwater Vehicle

VEHICLE THETIS Max Rover Achilles Seabotix
Type Submersible ROV ROV ROV
Power source Battery Cable Cable Cable-Optical
Depth (m) 610 2000 1000 200
Power (hp) 24 12 3.5 DC-thruster 1.5
Weight (kg) 5300 800 120 15
Load (kg) 120 100 10 3
Robot arms 2 1 1 1
Cameras 1 4 2 2
Sonars 1 2 1 1
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