Monographs on Marine Sciences

Monographs on Marine Sciences is a non periodical scientific publication of the Hellenic Center for Marine Research. It publishes monographs focused on integral themes of marine sciences in general, or of particular interest regarding the Hellenic area, and adjacent Mediterranean regions.

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Freshwater Fishes and Lampreys of Greece An Annotated Checklist

Barbieri R., Zogaris S., Kalogianni E., Stoumboudi M.Th., Chatzinikolaou Y., Giakoumi S., Kapakos Y., Kommatas D., Koutsikos N., Tachos V., Vardakas L., Economou A.N. March 2015. ISBN: 978-960-9798-06-8.


Fauna Graeciae: An updated checklist of the fishes in the hellenic seas

C. Papaconstantinou, 2014. ISBN: 978-960-9798-04-4.


Cetaceans of the Greek Seas

A. Frantzis, P. Alexiadou, 2003. ISBN: 960-86651-7-5.


Development of the Specifications of a Monitoring System For Fisheries Resources

C. Papaconstantinou, 2002. ISBN: 960-86651-5-9.


The polychaetes (Annelida, Polychaeta ) of Greece: Checőļlist, distribution, and ecological characteristics"

N. Simboura, A. Nicolaidou, 2001. ISBN: 960-86651-4-0.


Guide of Socio-Economic Studies for the Intergrated Managment of the Water Environment

B. Zanou, 2000. ISBN:960-86651-1-6.


The Phylum Sipuncula in the Mediterranean Sea

M.A. Pancucci-Papadopoulou, G.V.V. Murina, A. Zenetos, 1999. ISBN:960-85952-7-4.


The Water in Nature, in Development, in Environmental Protection

Th. S. Koussouris, 1998. ISBN: 960-85952-6-6.

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