HCMR Publications

The Publications Department of the HCMR is responsible for the publication of scientific articles, monographs, periodicals, textbooks, conference proceedings, workshops, brochures and other publications, from Greece and abroad, in conventional and electronic format or on the internet. The objective is to show-case the Centre thanks to its high scientific achievements, at both national and international level.

Specifically, the Department deals with planning, content review, coordination of works, graphic design-layout, publication, quality control, as well as printing of scientific papers and other publications, in both printed and electronic format or on the internet.

Moreover, the Department covers the Centreā€™s communication planning needs, through the above printed and electronic applications and the design of websites on the internet, the communication needs of the Centre and its various institutes, as regards their research programmes and activities, by designing graphics, websites, drawings and visual documentation, and is responsible for the Centreā€™s overall corporate communication image.

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