Bellou Nikoleta

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Position: Researcher

Contact Info

Institute: Oceanography
Address: 46,7 km Athens Sounio, Mavro Lithari P.O. BOX 712 19013 Anavissos, Attica, Greece
Tel: + 302291076357
Telex: + 302291076347


Dr. Nikoleta Bellou holds a Research position for Marine Biology at HCMR since 2006. Further to her research activities, she is an Associated Project Manager in the coordination team of an FP7-EU-funded project.
Dr. Bellou has been involved in various EU, national and bilateral projects, has participated in inter- and national conferences and workshops and has been a member of the Organization Committee of conferences and workshops.
She has worked on the development of environmental indicators (freshwater and marine) in respect to the ecological status in the framework of EU-projects, EEA reports and factsheets. Her main research focuses on hardbottom communities (macro- and microbial- organisms) grown on artificial substrates from coastal to deep sea, such as on oceanographic instruments or shipwrecks (HSMS Brittanic) while she established the performance of experimental field studies in respect to fouling performed at HCMR. The latter experiments are important for investigating the impact of biofouling and determining the changes of hardbottom communities due to human-induced impacts (e.g. pollution or temperature increase).
Concurrently to her work at the HCMR, Dr. Bellou applied and received in 2006 a Ph.D. fellowship within the framework of the EU-Project KM3NeT, which defended successfully in 2010 at the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel – Germany.
Due to Dr. Bellou’s research field and her multidisciplinary work, she received twice the IKYDA-fellowship for young scientists: once in cooperation with the Benthos-Ecology group of the IFM-Geomar (Kiel, Germany) and the other together with the Palaeontology group of the GZN (Erlangen, Germany). Furthermore, she received a cooperation-fellowship in the framework of EU-Project ESONET together with the Laboratoire de Microbiologie – CNRS (Marseille, France) and the Department of Physics and Astronomy – INFN (Catania, Italy).
Education Profile
• Dr. rer. nat. (Ph.D.) – (2010)
Christian Albrechts University of Kiel; Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences – Germany

• Diploma (MSc) – (2003)
Ruprecht Karls University of Heidelberg; Faculty of Biology – Germany

• Prediploma (Bachelor) – (2000)
Ruprecht Karls University of Heidelberg, Faculty of Biology – Germany

Professional Profile
• Today – 2006: Researcher
HCMR, Institute of Oceanography; Athens-Greece
• 2009 – 2006: Research Associate
CAU, Research and Technology Centre – Kiel &
GKSS, Institute of Coastal Research – Geesthacht – Germany
• 2006 – 2003: Research Assistant
NCMR, Institute of Oceanography; Athens-Greece
• 2003 –2002: Research Assistant
NCMR, Institute of Inland Waters; Athens- Greece
• 2002- 1999: TV Broadcasting Assistant
RNF, Mannheim- Germany

Fellowships, Awards and Recognition
• 2010 – 2009: EU- Project ESONET – Exchange of Personnel
“Studying biofilms based on microbiological analysis with scope to design a sensor to measure biofilm growth at ESONET sites”

• 2009 – 2006: Phd-fellowship in the framework of EU-Project KM3NeT

• 2008 – 2009: IKYDA Fellowship for young scientists
“Experimental settlement study (Epi- and Endoliths) in the Eastern Mediterranean (Ionian Sea)”

• 2007 – 2006: IKYDA Fellowship for young scientists
“Sublittoral natural and artificial hard-bottom communities for the ecological monitoring of the Aegean Sea a pilot study”

German and Greek – mother tongues
English – professional level
Research Interests
Dr. Bellou’s research interests involve the settlement and succession of hardbottom communities (biofilm& macrofauna) in different bathymetric zones (euphotic to aphotic) with emphasis in the deep sea. Scope of her work is not only to describe the species present but as well to determine the most important environmental parameters that are influencing the community composition along a depth gradient and the impact of fouling. She is experienced in standardizing and performing molecular biological analyses of bacteria, indentifying hardbottom species and performing a statistical analysis of communities in relation to environmental parameters.

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Zenetos A., Cinar M.E., Pancucci-Papadopoulou M.A., Harmelin J.G., Furnari G., Andaloro F., Bellou N., Streftaris N. and Zibrowius H., 2005. Annotated list of marine alien species in the Mediterranean with records of the worst invasive species. Med. Mar. Sci. 6/2: 63-118.

Contributions to Books, Reports, Factsheets:
Tasting the wealth of seafood biodiversity in Europe 2009 – A MARBEF outreach initiative.
European Environment Agency Report No.4/2006: Priority issues in the Mediterranean environment, EEA/UNEP, Copenhagen, 93pp.
SoHelME, 2005: State of Hellenic Marine Environment. E. Papathanasiou & A. Zenetos (eds.), HCMR publ., 360pp.
Bellou N. & Zenetou A., 2004. Impact of fishing on marine mammals, birds and sea turtles. Information sheet for the European Environmental Agency.

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