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Position: Research Associate

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Institute: Inland Waters


Roberta Barbieri is a Research Associate at IIW. She assumed her duties in March 1988.
Mrs. Barbieri earned her master’s degree in Oceanography from the University of Athens, Greece. This focused on the study of reproduction and early life history stages of the freshwater fish species Scardinius acarnanicus (Cyprinidae). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Ferrara, Italy. At the final two years of her bachelor studies, she engaged in the hormonal study of eel gonads.

Mrs. Barbieri has 12 publications in scientific journals and more than 35 contributions in conferences.

Education Profile
• M.Sc., Oceanography, University of Athens, Greece, 1992
• B.Sc., Biology, University of Ferrara, Italy, 1984
Professional Profile
• 1988–2011: Research Associate, Institute of Inland Waters, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece
• 1987-1988: Research Assistant, Institute of Aquaculture, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
• 1985-1987: Research Assistant, Institute of Zoology, University of Ferrara, Italy
Scientific and Professional Memberships
• European Ichthyological Society
• Society of Greek Ichthyologists
Research Interests
Her research interests include the early life stages, the taxonomy and the morphometry of freshwater fish, with emphasis on endemic species. They also include the artificial reproduction and the conservation of endangered fish species.
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