« Aquatic Horizons: Challenges & Perspectives » 13-17 May 2015, University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Lesvos island. The 11th Panhellenic Symposium of Oceanography and Fisheries co-organized by the Panhellenic Union of HCMR Employees and the Union of HCMR Researchers, in collaboration with the Department of Marine Sciences, University of the Aegean (www.mar.aegean.gr), under the auspices

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RESEARCH & ART COMPETITION AND EXHIBITION   2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURES (ICRI 2014) ATHENS 2-4 APRIL 2014     Art has long been interested in research and science: from Renaissance art and Leonardo da Vinci with his studies of physics, to 20th century art with Surrealists drawing on Freud and the subconscious, to

A workshop entitled Mediterranean Holocene climate and human societies will be held at Navarino Environmental Observatory, Costa Navarino, Messinia, Greece on 23-25 April 2014. The workshop aims at a better understanding of both the drivers behind climate system and behind the coupled society-climate system including its ensuing response and adaptation, in order to understand human

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