Institute of Oceanography

Director Dr. V. Lykousis

P2270247The Institute of Oceanography (IO) was established in 1985 and is the largest of the three Institutes of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR). It is based in Anavyssos, Attica (“TRITON” building) and has two branches on Crete (“THALASSOKOSMOS”) and Rhodes (Hydrobiological Station).

IO's mission is to study in a multidisciplinary way, describe, long-term monitor and forecast the physical, chemical, biological and geological processes with the aim to improve knowledge about the ocean, comprehend its relationship to the rest of the planet and the climate regulation, assess the impact of natural and anthropogenic pressures in the marine ecosystems and promote sustainable use of the ocean resources.

The IO is organized in four scientific departments (physical & operational oceanography, marine geology-geophysics, marine biology and chemical oceanography), which conduct research within and across their borders. Cross cutting activities are the major drivers of the excellence in multidisciplinary and integrated oceanographic research in many fields, including ocean dynamics & climate change, human & climate change impact on marine ecosystem functioning, marine biogeochemistry, coastal zone research & management, tectonics and geohazards, marine ecosystem modeling etc.

IO's resources include the highly experienced and skilled scientific and technical staff and the multivariant scientific equipment and large research infrastructure facilities. The institute is the main user of HCMR's research fleet (AEGAEO, PHILIA and ALKYON) and the underwater vehicles. It is holding a wide variety of instruments, including field and laboratory equipment for almost any type of marine research and maintains the POSEIDON in situ monitoring network in Greek seas.

IO's research over the course of the years has shaped the existing knowledge in marine sciences in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Red Sea, has produced new ideas and initiatives and has created new research directions. IO's strength is the high level of multi-and inter-disciplinarity with ALL disciplines of marine research and technology, including classical oceanograpic research, air-sea interaction, remote sensing of oceans, in situ fixed point observations, seabed and sub-seabed geology and geophysics etc.

IO promotes research with the aim to respond to the societal challenges and policy needs and develop excellence in marine science for the benefit of the society. IO's policy is designed along the following axes: (1) to support National and EU Policies (2) to promote Excellence in Marine Science & Technology; (3) to promote integrated research in the Mediterranean Sea and expand activities in the Red Sea, the Arabian (Persian) Gulf, the Atlantic and Arctic Ocean; (4) to initiate/promote cross-sector dialogue between Research, Society and Economy along with interconnecting Research and Education.

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