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Aquarium Rhodes


Ο Υδροβιολογικός Σταθμός της Ρόδου, που κατασκευάστηκε από τους Ιταλούς το 1936, λειτουργεί ως Ενυδρείο-Μουσείο και Ερευνητικός Σταθμός υπό την παρούσα ονομασία του από το 1963.


hcmrThe Station came into existence during the Italian occupation of Rhodes, and its Art-Deco-inspired exterior and interior have been preserved as a historic landmark. HSR is both an HCMR research unit and a public Aquarium/Museum thus combining research and recreational, educational and awareness - raising programmes. Not only does it conduct aquatic research, participate in conservation programmes e.g. concerning the endangered fish Ladigesocypris ghigi or other aquatic animals), but also carries out educational and awareness raising programs targeted towards various social groups. The Aquarium/Museum attracts many thousands of visitors each year to view its range of species and its interesting exhibitions.

Mission Statement

The overall aim of the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes is to develop and disseminate scientific knowledge on the marine environment and its conservation. It is carried out within a dual framework, brought about by its dual function as a Museum/Aquarium. As one of the field stations of HCMR, it carries out research commitments as part of its operational requirements. As a major Aquarium in the Eastern Mediterranean, attracting more than 200.000 visitors annually, it undertakes many public awareness, educational and dissemination activities.